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Having an Oracle_home on each node is ill-advised in my opinion. It is too easy, and I have seen it happen far too many times, that something happens to the passive node's ORACLE_HOME that is only discovered when a failover event occurs. Having one ORACLE_HOME that is on the SAN and shared between nodes is ideal - if you really want to have a spare ORACLE_HOME so you can easily recover from bad patch applications, etc., then make it a habit to clone your existing home as a backup before applying the patch, then removing that once you know the existing home is good.  

Other than that, I am a general proponent of the architecture described below, and we have many many customers who use this design for their veritas environments.  



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If you are just starting out with Oracle and VCS there are many different ways of doing things. We have every database in it's own resource group along with the listener and the mount point for the data files. ORACLE_HOME's are installed separately on each node in the cluster in the asme location. TNS_ADMIN also points to a local location on each node outside the ORACLE_HOME. This is only one option of how to do things. Some locations put all databases into one resource group and fail them all together. Some locations put the oracle software under VCS control as well so that swings with the resource group. It all depends on your specific needs.

Make sure users, groups and kernel parameters are in sync and that filesystem/directory permissions are set correctly so the failover doesn't fail.

Good luck.


        We are on Sun servers and multiple oracle versions with veritas clustering software. Is the a document or website out there explaining veritas as it pertains to oracle? I have looked on metalink and everything deals with RAC. We are not running RAC.                  

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