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well i'll let you know how 1z0-055 is about dec.

Thanks, Joe

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RE: OCP Study Suggestions

You are right. 1z0-o45 is 8i to 10g.

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unless i'm misreading 1z0-055 is 9i to 11g

1z0-o45 is 8i to 10g.


Thanks, Joe

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RE: OCP Study Suggestions

I am curious to know if anyone has completed 1Z0-055 10g for 8i DBA and what is their experience.
Will it be easier to complete 8i to 9i upgrade and then 9i to 10g upgrade?


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I am also in the same boat. I plan on taking the 9i certification first and then the 10g. I'm using the "New features for Administrators Exam Guide".


> List,
> Okay, I'm feeling I should get back on the OCP track. I completed the
> 8i OCP a few years ago, so I understand that I am eligible to take
> 1Z0-055 10g for 8i DBA without taking any classes. Does anyone have any
sudy suggestions?
> Everyone keeps suggesting doing hands-on practices. Any specific ideas
> for getting started on this? Does anyone have some practices for this
> Dennis Williams



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