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From: April Sims <sims_at_suu.edu>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 09:39:41 -0600
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Why move it back? Just leave it in the upgraded home.

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>>> Tim Gorman <tim_at_evdbt.com> 9/18/2008 10:36 AM >>>
Taking a TNS Listener down does not "break" existing database connections -- it only means new connection requests from clients get no response.

So, before patching/upgrading /lsnr, "move" the listener to the ORACLE_HOME with the highest version temporarily, then patch/upgrade /lsnr. Outage is very very brief (i.e. /lsnr/bin/lsnrctl stop, /db_2/bin/lsnrctl start). Once upgrade of /lsnr is complete (and it is only the "relink" phase that really matters), then "move" the listener back to /lsnr (i.e. /db_2/bin/lsnrctl stop, /lsnr/bin/lsnrctl start)...

Quoting Herring Dave - dherri <Dave.Herring_at_acxiom.com>:

> Good points, but now I?m even more confused. Let?s say I?ve got
> /asm, /db_1, and /db_2 homes and then place the listener in it?s own
> home /lnsr. Now I want to patch or upgrade /db_2. If I want to
> keep the listener at the highest release, then I?d want to
> patch/upgrade /lnsr. But, to do that I?d have to take the listener
> down, which would break all communication with ASM, which would in
> effect bring both databases down.
> What am I missing or have an incorrect understanding of?
> Dave

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