RE: any unix/linux script to generate schema DDL?

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I have developed an Oracle10g package using dbms_metadata that generates all of the DDL for a schema, stores it in a table, and (optionally) writes it to a flat file. It works pretty reliably. Email me privately if you would like a copy.


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You can find some of my dbms_metadata sql scripts (use at your own risk because dbms_metadata is buggy as hell!) at All you need to do is wrap the script in your favorite unix language script.

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Guang Mei wrote:

> Hi,
> Oracle
> Does anyone know any sites or URL that has unix/linux script(s) to
generate a schema DDL (including tables, index, views, package code, store procs, etc), say using soemthing like DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL? I can use Oracle SQLDeveloper to do it manually, but I would like to have the script called by a cron job. BTW, I do not want to use dump file to import the db structure, just some unix/linux script to "extract" schema DDL. I googled around but could not find one.
> TIA.
> Guang
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