Re: Function to calculate weekdays left in a month

From: Ian Cary <>
Date: 5 Aug 2008 10:49:20 -0000
Message-ID: <>

This should do the trick although you need to be on 10g (maybe even 10.2 if I recall a couple model bugs) for sql model to work.



create table holidays(hdate date);

Table created.

 insert into holidays values ('25-aug-08');

create or replace function working_days(sdate date default sysdate,

                                        edate date default null)
return number as
num_days number;
select count(*) into num_days
  select tdate
  from (select sysdate tdate from dual)   model
  return updated rows
  dimension by (tdate)
  measures (1 as dummy)
  rules (dummy[for tdate from trunc(sdate)
                          to nvl(edate,last_day(trunc(sdate)))
             increment numtodsinterval(1,'day')] =  1 )
  where to_char(tdate,'dy') not in ('sat','sun')   and tdate not in (select hdate from holidays);   return num_days;

select working_days() from dual;



select working_days('10-aug-08','10-sep-08') from dual;



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