RE: AIX raw device offset

From: Bobak, Mark <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 16:48:57 -0400
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Argh, I forgot you're on 7.3.4, the command probably doesn't exist on 7.3.4.....

Hmm...sorry, I can't help. You may want to check w/ your sysadmin for the offset.



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Good information, but I don't think it applies to this system. I found out that the AIX version is 4.2, so the "-T O" option doesn't exist for creating a raw volume. Also, we couldn't find the Oracle "offset" command that was mentioned.

I've been digging through the 7.3.4 documentation on tahiti, but haven't found anything useful yet. Any other ideas?

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Check this out:


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