Re: Semi-OT: Thoughts on Flash pages in MetaLink?

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 14:25:09 -0500 (CDT)
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>> getting old and stuck in my old ways, but I think it's be more difficult

And I apparently be more difficult typing before the holiday... ;)

> Some other concerns:
> Searching on document number - I see no way to do that.
> Plug the ML # into the search bar, and you have to guess which document it
> actually is.
> Bug database? How do you search on that?
> I didn't see the advanced search. Maybe it's there and I just did not see
> it.

I do like that the SR display formats the responses for easier viewing, but at the cost of information -- it cuts off one particularly long SR that I've had open since Feb 2008 and hides the helpful SR status numbers.

While playing with the Flash I easily managed to peg a core of my T7250 CPU for at least a minute. And there's some parts of the interface that offer no feedback when it's busy doing something, so the user's not sure if they clicked on a widget or they need to try to click again. There's also some quirks in the layout configuration too, but that's minor.

It's not a bad app overall. I'm just much more pragmatic about interfaces when it comes to critical business functions like Support. I'm not (yet?) to the point of Jakob Nielsen (, but substituting proprietary Flash for standards-based and ubiquitous web design seems to be a step backwards.

Speaking of Dr. Nielsen:


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