GC preferred credentials for Win server hosts

From: Rich Jesse <rjoralist_at_society.servebeer.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 08:52:35 -0500 (CDT)
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Hey all,

I have a new 10.2 XE install on Win2K3 server (box is VMware if that matters). Since I'm running GC (OMS and Repository are OEL4), I've installed the agent on the server as well.

Everything seems to work except now I'm trying to setup RMAN backups from GC, which requires a host login. I've setup a local (non-domain) user called "Oracle" (mixed-case) on the Win server and added it the ORA_DBA and Administrators groups. When I test this account from GC in the Preferred Credentials screen, it fails. Since it's a local account, I've tried "Oracle" as well as "MYXESERVER\Oracle", but each fails.

I then added the local "Oracle" account to the Remote Desktop Users group and successfully logged into it using Remote Desktop. I retried the two combinations of logins (with and without servername prefix in the username) and each still failed.

Since my personal domain login is also a member of Administrators, I tried that in the Preferred Credentials and it worked! But I can't get the local account to successfully test. The event log on the server shows no issues and the error message from GC is simply that the test failed (not very helpful).

Any idea how to further troubleshoot this? Creation of a generic domain account as well as using my personal domain account from GC to set up recurring jobs are not options for various reasons.

Wishing I could have had the VM slice installed with Linux...


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