RE: N/w Bottleneck Check under Benchmark Load ?

Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 14:55:54 +0530
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Thanks V much Tanel for responding, as always

Qs 1 Towards calculating the TCP Traffic delta, From the netstat -f inet -p tcp" Output (sample below), Is adding the TOP 3 Values "in bytes" reasonable enough?

Qs 2 Should these readings be taken from the DB Server since it is at one end of the configuration Chain? Config Chain Diagram:-
Load Generator m/c <-> APP Servers <-> DB Server m/c

Qs 3 Additionally the APP Server has multiple Network Cards. How is the amount of TCP Traffic sent/received to/from the APP to the DB Server to be Calculated? NOTE - Command "netstat -f inet -p tcp" does NOT have an IP Address specification



P.S. "netstat -f inet -p tcp" Sample Output:-


      4065625909 packets sent
            3774590048 data packets (4134580083 bytes)
            24539 data packets (21547168 bytes) retransmitted


      711924647 packets received
            4006391082 acks (for 4141693631 bytes)
            2497169 duplicate acks
            0 acks for unsent data
            126381026 packets (2263129970 bytes) received in-sequence


From: Tanel Poder
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 7:45 PM

Hi Vivek,

As I mentioned in the private reply, you need to take two snapshots of netstat output (over 10 sec interval for example) and calculate delta between corresponding bytes/sent values (also for bytes received values) to see whether the TCP traffic is anywhere near your network link bandwidth. If it is you're experiencing network link bandwidth issue. If it isn't then it's something else (like wrong TCP buffersize settings but it could also indicate a bottleneck in your (V)LAN infrastructure)

Tanel Poder

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