Resolving the MISSING Streams Multi-version Data Dictionary Error

From: Martin Bach <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 10:33:24 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Hi group!

I have set up a streams environment as a proof of concept. The scenario is as follows:

Oracle 32bit on Red Hat 5.1 (fully virtualised) Source database name: primary
Destination database: streams
The databases are on the same box (VMWare server 1.0.4)

I have successfully implemented uni-directional replication using dbms_streams_adm.maintain_schemas. As a side note, don't try and use the templates, they seem to be unusable for the purpose failing during the instantiation-always create a database manually. In my streams setup I have also opted to include DDL changes.

Testing this I created a table t in my replicated schema after the maintain_schemas procedure has complted. I later changed it to t1 (alter table t rename to t1), followed by the creation of 9 other tables t2..t10.

On my source and destination databases I then got lots of errors in the alert.log such as:

knllgobjinfo: MISSING Streams multi-version data dictionary!!!

knlldmm: gdbnm=PRIMARY
knlldmm: objn=42345
knlldmm: objv=1
knlldmm: scn=280487

I knew the one and researched Metalink Note 212044.1.

The query that threw me was the last one mentioned in the note:

select global_name,ownername,lvl0name,baseobj# from system.logmnrc_gtlo o,system.logmnrc_dbname_uid_map m where m.logmnr_uid=o.logmnr_uid order by 1,2,3;

For the base object x which was table T and now is T1 it shows 2 lines. Long introduction, short question: would that be normal? I dropped table t1 and it still is in there. Is this normal? Has anyone else seen this?

Thanks for any insights! I have googled and used Metalink but can't find references to this.


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