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Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 00:31:33 -0600
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I wasn't aware of the requirement that this has to be true. I am running streams or testing it with it false but with the db links matching the target database's global name. I cannot set global_names to true as there are other links in the database that do not conform.

If the duty manager stated that, then I would ask for a metalink or Oracle Documentation reference that states that (I would be interested in your discovery as well). BTW, in my case the set up works just fine, which I guess is not the point of this email.


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Subject: GLOBAL_NAMES parameter for streams

Is it absolutely necessary to set the GLOBAL_NAMES parameter to TRUE for databases that participate in streams? If I set this parameter to FALSE but make sure that the db links are always named after the target database name, would there be any issue with this approach? I just spoke with Oracle and their duty manager told me that it may work fine but that it would not be supported, an argument that I am a little hesitant to buy.

This is kina urgent, so I would really appreciate a quick response.



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