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From: John Kanagaraj <>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 21:50:14 -0700
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Hi Jared,

>> As I now have several eBiz apps systems to care for, I am wallowing
>> in a sea of log files.

EBS will produce a ton of log files, and all over the place as noted. The Apache logs are the easiest. Some are automatically purged - Concurrent manager logs for e.g. - via the Purge Concurrent program (need to make sure it is configured to purge the right amount). You will also have to watch out for files created in the /tmp and /usr/tmp directories (PL/SQL and Webapps traces) that are not automatically purged. Cron based purges work for these.

The *real* kicker though is the Gunk that collects *inside* the database. Depending on Debug, Audit and other flags (very configurable, and buried in a variety of places, turned on by patches and other profile settings, etc.), you will slowly and gradually choke the system with extraneous rows in tables that you never heard about. Workflow Purging and Attachments (FND_LOBS) are two such cases - this needs to be carefully configured and closely watched. You will need to work with (pursue is a better word) the "Functional" and "Technical" folks to understand what they are turning on (or have turned on at some point) and determine what needs to be purged (not everything has an inbuilt purge). The version and patches complicates this picture even further.... I remember there was a paper or two on this at OAUG, but I don't have that with me right now :(

I would suggest that you preserve and check row counts for tables (snapshots of DBA_TABLES for Apps module tables, compare NUM_ROWS and BLOCKS) so you can track what is growing.

Best of Luck!

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