Re: OEM custom plugin and how to undeploy it

From: Alex Gorbachev <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 00:50:29 -0400
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A quick comment on support as I know it.

ECM functionality is not externalized because it hasn't been standardized and cast in stone. I.e. it might change significantly from release to release. This is why it's not documented either. What you do is base on reverse-engineering of other plug-ins. Obviously, Oracle won't support it. Anyway, I use my virtual machine for development and playing with it for exactly that reason - to make sure I can clean up my screw ups easier.

Also thanks for sharing how you are cleaning it up. I'm sure it will help me one day. :)

On 19-May-08, at 10:34 AM, Remigiusz Sokolowski wrote:

> Hi!
> Last time colleague of mine started to build his own OEM plugin for
> a monitoring of a PostgreSQL databases.
> After first deploy it became clear that there are some bugs in
> ECM_DEPLOY and ECM_UNDEPLOY scripts, so he wanted to withdraw a
> plugin to provide new version.
> However the interface in web console do not work any more if trying
> to undeploy that plugin (which is quite understandable).
> So he requested a TAR on metalink and got an answer, that this is a
> custom plugin, so no help will be provided.
> IMHO this is not an issue with a custom plugin but rather with an
> undeployment i.e. one of provided functions of the OEM, but we will
> not try to win with Support in that case, because the issue is of
> minor importance.
> Nonetheless the question is how to uninstall a custom plugin manually?
> Of course we know which tables, scripts are added by us, the only
> thing we do not know is in which standard OEM tables there are
> entries bound with this newly installed plugin? Anybody can shed
> some light on such a theme?
> Best regards
> Remigiusz

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