RE: Manual DB creation in 11g for APEX 3.1

From: Marco Gralike <>
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 12:43:27 +0200
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event 31098 is used for "Internal event to turn on XDB tracing". It traces the database create statements of types, tables etc, while using the DBMS_XMLSCHEMA package to register an XML schema in the XDB Repository.

The local APEX database structure is based on XMLDB functionality, also the local dbconsole looks like it is using it to generate reports (in 11g)...
You can have a look here to get a first glance of the XDB protocol server here:

In 10.1 it is enabled by default. In 10.2 and 11.1, it is disabled, but shared server architecture is still enabled by default.

If you don't need it, TURN it OFF. It is a security breach (and uses resources while being idle)


there is no event for tracing the protocol server functionality, or more specific in thie case of the "gateway" for APEX. It was never (afaik) fully implemented, although the logging structures in de XDB Repository exist. I would be very interested if someone knows, learned about how to trace the HTTP/FTP calls via the proctocol listener (aka Listener XMLDB functionality) .


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That did it, Jeremy. I was missing the "dispatchers" init.ora param for XDB. And of course, I had messed up the install enough by then that I needed to remove/reinstall APEX 3.1, but I needed the practice anyway. :)

Nice util in epgstat, too. I'll have to read up on those docs to familiarize myself more with the underpinnings of APEX.

THANKS again!

> Try this script to dump the configuration of your embedded PL/SQL
> $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/epgstat.sql
> Then I'd turn on listener logging and look for errors.
> Also, it seems that you can dump HTTP requests and responses with this
> event:
> event="31098 trace name context forever, level 2"
> More info here:
> htm#i1029414
> -Jeremy


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