Re: Manual DB creation in 11g for APEX 3.1

From: Robert Freeman <>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 12:01:15 -0700 (PDT)
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Yep, APEX is installed as a part of 11g. It's possible that you might have broken something if you installed an older version. I doubt it, but it's possible. You might start with a fresh 11g install first.

The instructions on setting up the embedded gateway are a bit confusing for a first timer. Did
you check that the HTTP port is enabled with DBMS_XDB.GETHTTPPORT? You might need to enable the port if you have not already. Check the APEX users guide and the 11g Database Install guide for more information on this.


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I found eventually that APEX was already included in my install. Not in office so cant check versions etc

On 29/04/2008, Rich Jesse <> wrote: Hey all,

The subject about says it all. I'm attempting to fire up a test APEX 3.1 w/the embedded PL/SQL gateway on a manually created DB in x86 Linux.

As per the prereqs in the APEX install docs, I've installed JVM, XDB, and Text, using the 10gR2 instructions found on Metalink since I could not locate any specifically for 11g. I also verified that PL/SQL Web Toolkit is installed and meets the version requirement.

After setting the port to 8080, I see that it appears to be registered with the Listener. However, trying to surf to port 8080 ends up with a "connection was reset" error. I've attempted to bounce the instance, listener, and reinstalling APEX to no avail. "netstat -l" confirms that the listener is using port 8080.

For a huge caveat, I'm attempting this on a new build of Gentoo. However, even if this was on EL5, I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. I couldn't find any pertinent log files in the $ORACLE_BASE tree, including the diags directory -- are there any? I'd like to troubleshoot this instead of the Windowsesque option of reinstalling, this time using <GROAN> DBCA to see if my manual creation is the issue.

Thoughts anyone?

p.s. Almost done (*finally!*) with my step-by-step instructions to manually install 10gR2 replicated OID. Maybe even this week!



Howard A. Latham

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