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From: LeRoy Kemnitz <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 15:19:32 -0500
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All -

I have a java app running on Tomcat - Linux and going against my DB on Unix. This DB is dedicated to this app so I can configure the init parms and settings to maximize the performance for this app. We have one view that is re-used a lot and is slower than required. I want to get 5 sec or less on all data retrievals from this view.

Currently, we are executing a select from the view when Tomcat starts to get the data/plan into oracle memory. The hard parse takes about 25secs. The data retrieval takes about 4 seconds. So the first time in, it is about 30 secs to get a response back from the db.

So I am researching how to help this situation. We have been experimenting with the cursor_sharing parm. We have found that setting it to 'similar' has the best result for us. I am looking into the dbms_describe to see if it will do this for me. I will then start to play with the keep in the shared pool. I would set up a trigger to fire this on startup/logon.

Has anyone done this before and if so, got any ideas of where to go next?

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