Re: How to tune database with lots of very light queries

From: Alex Gorbachev <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 13:01:51 -0400
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Nothing to add to few previous posters regarding setting your tuning targets.

Few additional thoughts coming to mind after that... I would expect that 10+K executions per second don't do hard parses - it wouldn't fly as high as 10000+ executions per second. Perhaps, it's still doing soft parsing which would be significant at this rate so it might be something to look at.

It can also be implied from previous posts - doing many small calls for a single business transaction/function is often quite inefficient so redesign might be in order.

> Zhu,Chao wrote:
>> We have some databases with load profile like lots of light query
>> (mostly pk based), each execution cost only 3-6 buffer_gets and no
>> complex join etc.
>> But due to excessive executions (10K+ query per second), load is
>> also driving pretty high.
>> Anyone has experience tune such kind of application/database? From
>> single SQL point of view, they are already perfect.
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>> Regards
>> Zhu Chao
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