RE: Cluster Interconnects configured in single-instance DB

From: Bobak, Mark <>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 13:18:40 -0400
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Hmm....does the single instance database use the same $ORACLE_HOME as the RAC database?



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Subject: Cluster Interconnects configured in single-instance DB

We have a two-node RAC system on Solaris 10 using Oracle Clusterware and ASM that is being used for our test database.. We also have a single-instance database on one node of this cluster being used for development.

The dev database is using ASM, sharing the same data disk group as the RAC database.

I noticed on startup in the alert.log that it is configuring interconnects; in addition, when I perform this query in the single-instance database:

SQL> select * from v$cluster_interconnects;

--------------- ---------------- --- -------------------------------

e1000g2    NO  Oracle Cluster Repository
e1000g5    NO  Oracle Cluster Repository

The question I have is:   why?     Is it because it is accessing a
disk group maintained by a clustered ASM?


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