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Some flavors of Unix run executables from the swap area. I.e. part of the process of running the executable will involve copying the executable to the swap area and then running the image from there.

If this is the case for AIX, if you only have 2 GB of swap then some of your 4 GB of RAM will never be used.

Even if this is not the case, the swap area can be used for other things like kernel dumps etc.

Thus I would tend to recommend 4 GB as an absolute minimum.

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John Dunn schrieb:
> I am installing Oracle 10 on AIX 5.3 machine with 4GB RAM
> How much swap space should I configure?

I'd take 2GB of SWAP, because if it swaps that much, nothing will happen any more due to slow paging on disk. If the system touches the swap at all, consider more RAM, paging out oracle process or area memeory is deadly.

Martin Klier

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