RE: Is is safe to drop an empty tablespace?

From: Bobak, Mark <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 10:08:56 -0400
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Having quotas on a tablespace won't prevent him from dropping it. Those quotas will just go away.

If you do:
Select segment_type,segment_name from dba_segments where tablespace_name = 'TS_YOU_WANT_TO_DROP' and segment_type !='TEMPORARY'; And you get zero rows, it should be safe to drop.

To be certain,do:
Drop tablespace tablespace_you_want_to_drop; Without the 'including contents' clause, and if there's anything left in it, Oracle won't drop it.



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Subject: Re: Is is safe to drop an empty tablespace?

You may want to verify that no one has quotas on this tablespace. select * from dba_ts_quotas where tablespace_name = 'BLAH';

Keep in mind that schema with UNLIMITED TABLESPACE (DBA Role, used to be resource in <10g) could also be using the tablespace. On 3/27/08,<> <<>> wrote: Hi Everybody:

I am planning to drop an empty tablespace. I have confirmed that no user has it defined as a default
(select distinct default_tablespace from dba_users), and no table/index has it defined as default
(select distinct def_tablespace_name from dba_part_tables/indexes). IS there any other place
I should check to confirm that noone has this tablespace defined as default for any purposes?

thank you

Gene Gurevich


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