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            Regrettably false. If you have log_archive_dest_n set to mandatory the primary will insure that the data is written to the standby redo log at the standby database before proceeding with the next transaction, it can be applied later depending on how the standby is set up, like with an apply delay. And this depends on the protection level of the databases to boot.  

            If your using rman to backup the redo logs on the primary (best practice as far as I'm concerned) with the "delete input" qualifier rman will insure that only applied logs are deleted from the primary site after they have been backed up. Otherwise you'll see an error message about the file being needed for recovery coming from rman. OH, BTW is you set archivelog deletion policy to applied on standby your likely to run into bug 5261960, so set _log_deletion_policy initialization parameter to "ALL" and bounce your database.  

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This only works if your LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_N is set to MANDATORY. If you set the physical Standby archive_dest_n to mandatory the Primary WAITS for archive to be applied on the standby.


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Don Granaman wrote:
> Me: "How can a 10.2 physical standby (LGWR + ASYNC) be configured to
> automatically purge the archive logs from the primary after they have
> applied?"
> Support: "For logical standby we have the automation is in place. for
> physical standby you have to do the purge manually for now"
> Is this true? It seems like there should be something better by now.
> --

in RMAN there is a setting ARCHIVELOG DELETION POLICY, which can be set to APPLIED ON STANDBY
According to doc
"Governs archived redo log deletion policy for the flash recovery area. Possible settings are:


      |APPLIED ON STANDBY| - enables flash recovery area to delete
      archivelogs that are applied on mandatory standby. See Oracle Data
      Guard Concepts and Administration

<http://andro3/docs/oracle_doc/oracle.10g2/server.102/b14239/rman.htm#SB YDB00750>
      for details."

Does it seem like something You need?


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