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Not an "HR" person but do know the rules a bit.    

  You can't film someone without their consent and knowledge. They have to sign a waiver.    

  It might be more useful to develop a training video with what is and is not acceptable in your business.    

  Remember body language can be cultural, so know your audience.    

  Taping a conversation can be tricky issue as well.   If you intend to use it for training purposes, you need to have the people's consent and let them know how it will be used.    


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Wise individual. One thing you don't need is a primadona who diss's everyone else's work. Constructive criticism is one thing, destructive criticism can lead to real trouble. I'm not too keen on the body language thing as you'll get different reactions based on where in the pecking order someone is. Would be more meaningful to have others in the team talk to the person & watch from a remote camera. But would that be illegal?? Any HR folks out there??

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Recently, I was told that a major concern of a hiring manager is that the
Oracle DBA be able to get along with the staff. He said that during an interview he asks few obligatory questions regarding technical expertise,
but then he goes to his main concern of compatibility.

This hiring manager listens to the candidate's answers to his work-situation
focused questions, but also watches the body language throughout the question-answer interview.


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