Re: Oracle Unbreakable Linux

From: Amar Kumar Padhi <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 21:07:32 +0400
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Hi Kevin,
Implementing and administering on Oracle enterprise Linux (also called "unbreakable") is as good as any other flavor. I have tried it along with other flavors for about an year now. Initially, there was lot of bad vibes on this flavor. Some said it existed to erode the Red Hat Linux market by giving lower prices for the same software. It was badly documented too. I have seen things improving a lot and Oracle has a good grip on this subject. Support is good.

Here is some more info that may be interesting to your friend.
As a consultant, I have installed and deployed Oracle (database, application server) applications on Red Hat Linux for most of the last 6 years. Some time back, I decided to Look at Ubuntu and Oracle Enterprise Linux to increase my support on Linux flavors and give more options to clients.

Oracle Enterprise Linux is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and I found no difference between the two. Oracle support is good and they provide customized RPMs (or direct to appropriate site). Implementing and running applications is equally good. But I have no issues with Red Hat support either. To be honest, any flavor you take it is the same base kernel being used. So the decision has to be more on comfort levels, company standards and costing.

One concern raised by some clients was that it increases the dependency on a single vendor (Oracle will provide OS, Database, runtime, AS and even Virtualization). My take is that Oracle is designing new technologies on Open Source Model and that the dependency is not on a single vendor (except for commercial purposes) but on the huge development community out there.

So the stand I have taken is- Let the clients decide. If they ask me then I check with them if costing matters (though the differences are insignificant for someone buying Oracle licenses). If it doesn't, then as of this time I recommend Red Hat Linux. This is more a personal choice as I am connected with the Fedora community (dev to Red Hat production) and am aware of what is happening in the flavor. Ask your friend to identify the possible scope (money, support cost, non-oracle applications, vendor dependency, management stand, IT stand etc..) that needs to be satisfied when looking for a flavor, it might help in making a choice.


Kevin Lidh wrote:
A friend of mine is considering Unbreakable in his organization and
wondered if I had heard of anybody using it in production.  I personally
haven't but was wondering if anyone on this list was using it and what
they're feelings about it were?  Have you used Oracle's support and how
was it?


Kevin Lidh


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