Re: Oracle Unbreakable Linux

From: Suresh Chaganti <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 11:42:18 -0500
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Besides obvious up2date advantage which is particularly useful if your company is building out systems, I thnk Oracle's support org is much more mature than Redhat's.

 I worked with redhat support and found their support model is not as matured as Oracle metalink is. I found the web tickets arent monitored well and you will have to call in nearly all cases to get assistance. To me, for Non Sev1 issues, web based support actually works better since you are not on phone holding. More importantly you dont have to explain it every time.

The support quality seem hit and miss at Redhat ( you could say that about Oracle probabbly) where as in Oracle you have mature support org with defined process and mechanism for escalation that always worked for me.

But it could also come down to which support org the sys admins are comfortable with. Lot of sys admins who has ownership for OS may not have worked with Oracle and they might be as skeptical about Oracle support.


On 3/14/08, Kevin Lidh <> wrote:
> A friend of mine is considering Unbreakable in his organization and
> wondered if I had heard of anybody using it in production. I personally
> haven't but was wondering if anyone on this list was using it and what
> they're feelings about it were? Have you used Oracle's support and how
> was it?
> Thanks,
> Kevin Lidh
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