Re: Automatic Storage Management (ASM) - Survey

From: Peter Hitchman <>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 16:13:59 +0000
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Here you go:

  1. Do you use ASM? YES
  2. Which OS - LINUX
  3. Do you use ASM for a single instance? NO, but we will do in the future,
  4. Have you ever performed the migration? non-ASM to ASM? NO.
  5. Which redundancy option have you used? External
  6. Do you think the Oracle document about ASM is sufficient enough? OK
  7. Do you think a seaprate ASM administratore is required to manage ASM instance? Don't know yet.
  8. Do you think ASM is very much stable? CAN'T SAY
  9. Do you recommend ASM? YES with Oracle Managed Files
  10. Do you think managing ASM is very easy? So far it has been YES

So here is my experience. We created a RAC about 3 weeks ago now. Lots of reading up on my part and working with the SA's to get it all together. "We will not be using ASM", says I, "because its another bit of technology to take on and I am swamped already".
Then when it comes to getting the EMC SAN set-up I have a conversation with the SAN guru, who basically tells me that to get the best out of the SAN, we either need to use a Veritas LVM or ASM and no one is going to fund the Veritas license, so ASM it is!

What I have found, is that once the ASM volumes are created, it is easy to define the diskgroups (using dbca). I only defined two, one for the database and one for the flash recovery area and then using OMF it made creating tablespaces a lot easier, because I did not have to specify the datafile names, since db_create_file_dest was set to the name of the ASM diskgroup.



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