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I have been debating this issue with one of the best Unix Architects for a couple of years now. We have seen the container/zone model advocated for the reasons below, over the last couple of years

  1. Servers have gotten more powerful and therefore allocating a whole server to an application will over allocate and result in server proliferation.
  2. Once a server is allocated to an Application/Owner it is politically impossible to take it back and therefore give them a virtual server
  3. Isolation - applications co-located in a server do not cohabit the OS instance.

The most compelling was #2 above but in terms of resource management and long term administration it was better to administer it with Oracle RAC w/ ASM. Another consideration is that zone architecture allows you to put more in one server. To protect this, I found it cost effective and convenient to use Oracle RAC, since I could achieve better databases/server density.


Krish Hariharan
President/Executive Architect, Quasar Database Technologies, LLC

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I have been running our Grid Control servers in Zones for almost a year and have not had any issues with doing so. The key to running Oracle in a zone is that the zone admin needs to setup the zone to have its own copy of any common directory that Oracle needs to write to (/var, /usr/local). The biggest limitation of zones is the lack of ability to control hardware resource from within a child zone, so this only affects RAC. If you wish to run RAC on a server configured with zones you will have to use the global zone since this is the only zone that has any direct hardware control.

I hope this helps.

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Solars Zones and Oracle......It's a whole new world for me. Any quick thoughts on this anyone?

Pro's; Con's; GotYa's; Stability; Performance (CPU and I/O) hit; FYI's; Dynamic resizing issues; etc. etc. etc.

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