RE: Standby database looking for old archive

From: GovindanK <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 19:53:01 UT
Message-Id: <>

 Did you re-create the standby controlfile after you issued 'alter tablespace end bkp'? what does the v$datafile_header show the SCN in primary and the standby after you mounted the standby with the newly created standby controlfile? I am wondering what would happen if your primary crashes. Don't you think it would ask for a old archive log file for this tablespace just in case you would need to recover? Also see v$recovery_log to see which is the oldest archive file it is requiring.

HTH GovindanK

On Mon, 25 Feb 2008 12:30:33 -0500, "Mark W. Farnham" <> said:

The only way I’ve personally seen that is if the tablespaces had been left in backup mode for weeks on the primary. If I recall correctly it doesn’t complain or else only complains at the warning level if you put a tablespace in backup mode that is already in backup mode, so it might not be obvious.

Hmm – but that does not explain having the same problem when you copied the files over again, because you ended backup, had the problem, began backup again, copied the files, ended backup, switched the logfile, waited for the logs to be on the standby, and then still had the same problem.

Are any tablespaces offline on the primary? I guess, unless someone has an actual solution from a similar experience, the next step is to verify one to one correspondence of files from the primary to the standby and that nothing is offline or in media failure on the primary.

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