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From: Rodd Holman <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 08:44:01 -0600
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Here's the blurb: Oracle is only supported on Enterprise versions of Linux (non-free). HOWEVER, you can download CentOS ( <> which is RedHat Enterprise Linux source recompiled with the brand marking removed. CentOS is free and has updates and patches available for free, and when you run the oracle installer it reads it as redhat. Another option is Oracle Enterprise Linux ( <>). It is free to download, install, AND run. HOWEVER... if you want updates and patches the minimum support from Oracle is $99 USD. It gets you access to their up2date server. Oracle also has higher levels of support if you are interested. It all goes on a CSI with MetaLink. OEL is also a recompile of RHEL source with branding replaced with the "SuperTux" penguin dude. Both CentOS and OEL are incredibly easy to install and the Oracle installer works well with them.

Things I've found out: 10g installs better on Centos/OEL 4.x. 11g installs flawlessly on Centos/OEL 5.x. Had installer issues with 10gR2 on the 5.x versions. The installer actually does kernel/library version checking and 5.x is beyond the levels in it's reference. There may be someone out there that knows what to tweak. I found it easier just to go with the 4.x version and let it run as normal.

David cheyne wrote:
> I am thinking of running at 10/11g on a FREE Linux. I know the
> amount of patches you need to stabilise Oracle and get it running can
> be an issue, SO . . .Of the many flavours out there, which do you
> consider the best and most stable? I've used Solaris and HP-UX for
> many years, so know my way around UNIX well.

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