RE: Multiple ASM instances on 2-node RAC Cluster

From: Pete Sharman <>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 08:37:59 +1100
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100% correct Matt. One ASM instance per node.  


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Subject: RE: Multiple ASM instances on 2-node RAC Cluster  

I don't believe you can run multiple ASM instances on a single node. Why don't you move the ASM instance into a separate home? That way, you can patch production or dev without patching the asm instance.  



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Subject: Multiple ASM instances on 2-node RAC Cluster  

I have a situation where I want to have two Oracle 10g2 Homes on my 2-node RAC cluster that ASM already uses ASM. The reason: I want two distinct production environment, one that stays fairly consistent with patches and the other that is allowed to diverge (stay at older releases). I can't share the same ASM home because the ASM binaries reside in the Oracle home and if I patch it, I have to down ASM which means shutting down all production databases. I want the second ASM instance to be RAC enabled so that this new home's services can span both nodes.

Can this be done? Does anyone have a setup like this? What are the issues you've encountered, if any?


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