Re: Synchronizing database data - intercontinental dependencies...

From: August Spier <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 09:48:14 -0500
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On Feb 13, 2008, at 9:14 AM, Nigel Thomas wrote:

> Marcus
> Multi-master replication is a bitch (logically as well as
> technically). Ideally you want to know where / when data is updated;
> and if possible have a single master for each row, or at least a
> well understood conflict resolution policy.
> <SNIP>

I worked once on a multimaster replication implementation where we associated individual rows with the owning master site by assigning a series of numbers to each master site ... thus, EUROPE primary key might be between 1000000000 to 1999999999; PACIFIC primary key ranged between 2000000000 to 299999999, etc.

It works great as long as you can be assured you're never going to run out of numbers.



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