Re: DB Control crashing every couple of days for database

From: Dan Norris <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 15:24:34 -0800 (PST)
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Hi Daniel, haven't talked to you in a while--hope things are going well.

One thing I'd check is the /var/log/messages on this server. Linux has a memory monitor process (I think it was also in the RH 4 kernels) and if the server becomes too short on free memory, this kernel thread will start killing processes to save the server from crashing. This was the case for me recently when my 10g DB went down for no apparent reason and I found that Linux dutifully logged that it killed my process due to a memory shortage on the box.


PS Given our common history, you might be interested in this tidbit:

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Every couple of days my single Database Control install dies. It has been hard to find any error message in the log files, but I do see the following in the emdb.nohup file when the crash happens (just including the first 4 lines for completeness, I don't think that they have anything to do with the crash):

08/01/14 10:51:18 ## 2. newPage = /database/instance/sitemap/healthgif
08/01/14 10:51:22 ## oracle.sysman.db.adm.inst.SitemapController: event="doLoad"
08/01/14 10:51:22 ## 1. newPage = /database/instance/sitemap/sitemap

08/01/14 10:51:22 ## 2. newPage = /database/instance/sitemap/sitemap
----- Tue Jan 15 10:44:10 2008::DBConsole exited at Tue Jan 15 10:44:10 2008 with signal 9 -----

  • Tue Jan 15 10:44:10 2008::DBConsole has been forcibly killed. -----
  • Tue Jan 15 10:44:10 2008::Stopping other components. ----- Tue Jan 15 10:44:10 2008::EMWD Stopping EMAgent (pid=21984): emagent now exiting normally
  • Tue Jan 15 10:44:32 2008::Commiting Process death. -----
  • Tue Jan 15 15:39:47 2008::DBConsole. Monitoring Agent+Console -----

Oracle support really isn't providing any help diagnosing this problem apart from telling me to reinstall Database Control. Has anyone else experienced this behavior or know anything about the mysterious "signal 9"?

For completeness the system with Database Control running on it is:

   OS: RHAS 4 U4
   System: 4 CPU, 8Gb
   Oracle: with patch 5225799.

Thanks for any help.


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