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:-) Yes, hmmm, right about the time I get a handle on maintaining all the log files without shutting down.  

(I hope to have this licked and documented soon. I just didn't want to focus on little things like is server.log over 2Gbs etc - meaning periodic shutdown/cleanup script).  

Let it go, and move on to next step. Just need to unravel what I expected at first to be much less, but I'm not going to quit now, it would be like swimming over half way across the river and deciding I can't make it and turn around. Not.  

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I agree with Niall and others, but also add that any deep investment in learning a lot about Fusion Middleware's current incarnation seems risky as I (and many others) suspect that the BEA acquisition, once complete, will change the Fusion Middleware picture yet again--dramatically.

That doesn't mean we can sit back and wait, but maybe hedge your bets and avoid going from ground zero to FMW expert until we all see the updated roadmaps post-BEA. For now, I'd probably stick with going from ground zero to FMW operator and then consider investing further in learning the "new, improved" FMW once we see what that looks like.


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Just to second, or eighth or whatever, the other comments.  

Yes - it's a dba job

Yes - it's a pain.

Yes - it has little upside.

Yes - it requires understanding coffee language.

Yes - the docs are poor.    

On the plus side -  

those sorts of things make it interesting.

there aren't many good consultants on it so it adds to job security.

once it runs it tends to run until something changes (42 days).  

so commiserations and congratulations.  


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Hi List,  

I've recently been enlisted as the admin for Oracle App Server 10gR2 and every day I'm realizing more and more how much effort this is going to require for setup and ongoing support. I have no prior App Server experience so this is no minor task for me to pick up. This is our company's first experience with OAS so we're trying to figure out whose responsibility it should be ultimately and I'm just curious what other shops typically do. Are any of you DBAs also being asked to take on OAS admin (similar to an "Apps DBA"), or do your shops have dedicated staff for this role, or another group that takes this on in addition to their primary role?  



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