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Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 12:01:56 -0600
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I think ASH and AWR are only available in 10G. I did do a spreport for a load before and after the changes.
The only thing that I was able to see that was significantly different was the number of cursors per session
It went from between 2 and 4 before the changes to 10 to 14 after the changes. I can't tie that however to
the degradation in performance

thank you

Gene Gurevich

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On Jan 17, 2008 8:46 AM, <> wrote:   Jared,

  ... think that couple of columns were removed. There were nothing else.

Try loading just one of the tables and do a 10046 trace on it.

Or if in a database with no users, run before and after statspack snapshots.

Or use ASH/AWR if you have it.


Jared Still
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