RE: RAC Vs Standby Database between Primary and Secondary Data Centers

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The technologies you reference are not in that sense mutually exclusive (perhaps). That said, the first things I look at are:

RPO (Recovery Point Objective) - To what point to recover to, i.e., how much data can you afford to lose without losing business functionality

RTO (Recovery Time Objective) - How soon should you be up and running and "available"

And I am going to create/introduce a term I have thought about over the years

RCO (Recovery Cost Objective) - What does it cost to failover vs waiting for the failed system to return to normalcy

I am sure that there are a multitude of papers that talk about these technologies. IMHO, though, this is not merely a question of technologies. It is a question of among other things
1. Defining the scope of what you are trying to protect (technically, organizationally, and politically) and cost of protecting vs not. 2. Knowing the weakest links
3. Organizational maturity to define, maintain, and sustain these policies, procedures, and complexities.

In the end you may need a combination of both or something else altogether.


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I need your opinion regarding setting up High Availability solution between Primary and Secondary Data Centers. Is it better to go with Oracle RAC or Oracle Standby database.

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