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re:re:11g Licensing for RAT

From: Sergei <>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 16:45:02 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

In response to the thread: from 15 Aug 2007.

Comparison of Oracle Real Application Testing's Database Replay feature and SQL Server's Profiler trace replay capability

The number one reason for the low success rate of existing load testing solutions is their inability to recreate a realistic workload that faithfully represents production systems. Microsoft SQL Server's SQL trace replay capability suffers from the same weaknesses as other solutions. It uses trace files generated by the SQL Profiler tool for certain activities and events in the database and uses the information contained in them to re-submit the same calls to the database for testing and diagnostic purposes. It does NOT have the ability to re-submit the calls with the original concurrency or timing and in fact submits the calls in serial fashion. Nor is it able to maintain the dependencies between different transactions across sessions on the system during replay. This makes the replay capability not very useful for load testing purposes because this tool is not able to address the key load testing requirement, which is to replay original workload while honoring timing, concurrency and transactions dependencies.

Oracle Real Application Testing's Database Replay feature is fundamentally very different from SQL Server. It allows you to capture and then replay database workload with high fidelity by maintaining all the key aforementioned workload characteristics, such as concurrency, timing, dependencies, etc. This is a very significant difference between Oracle and SQL Server's solution. Whereas one represents artificial, unrepresentative simulation, the other offers realistic workload recreation. Moreover, Oracle's Database Replay feature also has advanced capabilities such as increasing/decreasing speed of replay by controlling the think-time between calls. Oracle Real Application Testing's Database Replay is a far more sophisticated solution that SQL Server's trace replay tool and is designed to address a very key need in the market, the ability to test database systems with realistic, real-world workloads.

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