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Re: Oracle 10g RAC on AIX 5.3

From: Dan Norris <>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 13:55:29 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

Hi Dick,

Here's what you *can* do:
1. use GPFS filesystem for all files (OH, OCR, voting, db files, etc).
2. use ASM for database files, use RAW for OCR and voting disks and install ORACLE_HOMEs locally on each node

When installed in a cluster, ASM will automatically be a clustered ASM and the ASM instances will communicate so that all of them mount the same disk groups. This will support a RAC database (and ASM is quite good at it IMHO). 

OCFS is not available for AIX and I've not heard any indications that it ever will be. 

While you can have a shared ORACLE_HOME for all nodes in the cluster (if you use GPFS), you absolutely should NOT as it becomes a huge single point of failure for the cluster. Manaing multiple local OHs isn't hard since the OUI installs all OHs from a single install session (I presume you've done this on Linux already). 

For my money, I'd put all my chips on #2 above. As a hybrid, if you absolutely hate RAW, you could use GPFS for OCR and voting disks and use ASM for DB files and use local OHs. But, as your customer has learned, GPFS is expensive and I don't think managing 2 or 5 small RAW disks for OCR and voting is that tough. 


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            That was how I read the
documents, course how ASM shares the database files to the other nodes is a
question I havenąt figured out, not to mention the OCS voting disks.



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From: [] On Behalf Of Jason Heinrich

Sent: Monday, December 10, 2007
2:48 PM

To: Goulet, Dick


Subject: Re: Oracle 10g RAC on AIX


Last I checked, Oracle
does not provide OCFS for AIX, so if the client needs a clustered file system,
GPFS would be the way to go.  Whether or not they need it depends on what
they want to do.  You could install the Oracle software on each node and
use ASM for the database storage.  However, if you want a shared ORACLE_HOME
or a shared non-ASM logging location, you'll need the clustered file system. 

On 12/10/07, Goulet,
Dick < > wrote:

& Gals,


I've done Oracle RAC install on Linux before, but noiw I'm being asked to do so
on AIX 5.3 and I seem to be getting mixed signals from Oracle.  The client
originally wants to install AIX 5.3 with GPFS, but now to save a buck has
decided not to install GPFS, but to instead use OCFS.  On the other hand
the Oracle docs are telling me that a clustered file system is only needed for
the Oracle binaries.  So the question, do we need OCFS, or GPFS, or
neither, or both??  Anyone really know??




Jason Heinrich 

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