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Re: moving data between backends (fast connectivity need)

From: Cosmin Ioan <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 16:35:04 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

Alex, that's **exactly** what I'm doing (as many transformations as possible on the Oracle side) then simply, moving the end point data to MS!!    

  I've looked at dtswizard and I don't see the possibility of scripting that.... maybe I'm looking at the wrong utility -- dtswizard.exe -- can you check for me if there's another tool they used -- command line -- that gives you some flexibility to script? I'll probably need to check the ms forums ;-)    

  thx much,

Alex Gorbachev <> wrote:
  As far as I know they have done some scripting n DTS and schedule those jobs at night time without any interactions. Maybe I'm missing something - I don't really know that tool myself.

Another point - wouldn't it be efficient/possible to do transformations on Oracle side?

On 11/15/07, Cosmin Ioan wrote:
> DTS truly is simple and fast indeed (10-15k recs/sec move on a laptop, in a
> vmware machine, both Ora and M$ and BIDS loaded in vmware).
> My problem is having tons of tables and many field changes every now and
> then. I have to manually invoke the dtswizard every time and that's a pain,
> I'd much rather write a script go scoop the dictionary and move my data that
> way, rather than the point and click dtswizard .... or maybe I need to
> automate the dtswizard...hmm, that could be an idea (talking out loud to
> myself)
> My problem is that using the LinkedServer on the MS SQL Server (2005) is
> painfully slow....Is using a LinkedServer indeed the de-facto slow method?
> My initial reasoning was that I want to remove the middle tier SSIS/DTS if I
> can.... technically, reducing the number of tiers should be fast(er)... but
> practically, at least in this instance, that does not seem to be the case.
> thx much Alex -- any additional thoughts? ;-)
> Cosmin
> Alex Gorbachev wrote: Not that I'm favoring M$ tools too
> much but I heard that DTS is pretty
> simple and fast. At least on our clients is using it to pull data from
> Oracle and they don't complain.
> I think they use Oracle ODBC driver.
> On 11/15/07, Cosmin Ioan wrote:
> > hello everyone,
> > I'm trying to move data back and forth between MS SQL and Oracle and
> > apparently to do so, **from** MS SQL to Oracle, there's some fast
> connectors
> > from
> >
> > If I try to move data **from** Oracle **to** MSSQL, via a LinkedServer (in
> > MSSQL) using MS OLEDB drivers for Oracle (via inserts), it seems
> > excruciatingly slow (even with columns specified) versus using SSIS via
> the
> > data flow components (5x slower). Same goes for the Oracle OLEDB drivers
> for
> > MS and connecting from within Oracle to MSSQL.... pretty slow.
> >
> > I don't want to get involved with yet another ms tool --if I can help it
> --
> > nor introduce a middle tier (SSIS) and was wondering whether anyone has
> had
> > any experience and can provide any feedback on any fast drivers or setup
> > (again, to move data **from** Oracle **to** MSSQL), be them OLEDB, ODBC,
> > third party connectors or ....Oracle Gateway?? -- did not do any research
> > at all into the latter...
> >
> > thx much for any feedback,
> > Cosmin
> >
> >
> >
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> Alex Gorbachev, Oracle DBA Brewer, The Pythian Group
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Alex Gorbachev, Oracle DBA Brewer, The Pythian Group
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Received on Thu Nov 15 2007 - 18:35:04 CST

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