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RE: Spanish-language Oracle resources?

From: Alvaro Jose Fernandez <>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 01:05:02 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Hello Dennis,  

I'm from Spain so I will reply to some points,  

I have a colleague who is working to become an Oracle DBA. As we've noted on this list before, an Oracle DBA needs to be a good reader. Unfortunately, his first language is Spanish. My assumption is that he can learn faster with Spanish-language materials, so should exhaust those first. I'm assuming with time, his English reading skills will improve with practice and having grasped concepts by reading Spanish, when those concepts are later encountered in English they will be re-learned more easily. Let me know if there is a better idea.  

IMHO, best is to gently convince your colleague that the vast majority of material is still in English (and probably it will continue to be), so he can understand the need to at least become get a general knowledge in English. I started 6 years ago with Oracle and haven't found material in Spanish (apart from programming lists and personal websites) of equal quality compared to the English sources available everywhere. This is in contrast to Microsoft SQL Server - there many materials for this db, and many updated info , in Spanish.  

    I know a few people who participate on this list are from Spanish-speaking countries. Can you point me to Spanish-language resources?  

            Have your colleage check some Spanish pointers. for example:  

Haven't saw it.  

In many technical libraries/bookstores . Here in northern Spain (Vigo), we have fewer than in the main cities (Madrid, Barcelona, etc); but yes there are many Oracle books translated (and very well translated in my opinion), many of the from the Oracle Press series.  

From the RA-MA book publisher ( <> and <> ), there are some good Spanish DBA books. Also from Ediciones Eni ( <> ) there are good and updated 10g and PL/SQL Spanish books.  

          Haven't checked these items particularly.  

      For technical issues, this will result in a mess...I don't think that's a good idea  



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