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Re: Checkpoint process consuming a full CPU for the last 16 hours

From: David Barbour <>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 13:30:03 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Is this RAC or standalone? What flavor of UNIX? Anything in the alert log?

On 8/3/07, <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a production DB that has been restarted on last saturday, July 28th
> at 20h15 (by a senior collegue who's on vacation now).
> When I look at the top 10 processes in UNIX, a process called
> ora_ckpt_ORAP9 keeps popping up and it is running since July 28th.
> Is this a process that is supposed to run since the start of the DB ?
> I also seems to be consuming 1 out of 8 CPU's since I did the following:
> - adjusted the undo retention (Online) from 3600 to 2700 to see if this
> was
> reflected in the initDB.ora file (it wasn't, so all dynamic parameters
> that
> were adjusted before the reboot were reset)
> - adjusted the shared pool size from 1000M to 600M and the undo retention
> from 3600 to 1800.
> The reason I did this, is to return to a previous situation to investigate
> a performance issue.
> Is this a normal reaction of the system ?
> In the mean time I discussed this with an overseas collegue and learned
> that it is indeed the initDB.ora file that is taken into account because
> there is no spfile.
> But he doesn't know either if the checkpoint process should be running
> that
> intensely.
> Should I have restarted the DB for these changes ?
> Should I still do this now to get things back to normal again ?
> Regards
> Jürgen Mortier
> AMI Semiconductor - "Silicon Solutions for the Real World"
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