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Re: Sql Developer

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 19:15:13 +0100
Message-ID: <>

On 6/12/07, Rumpi Gravenstein <> wrote:

> What a user can browse is more a reflection on the privileges you've given
> the user than insight into a tool's capabilities. In the case you've
> described, any user that can logon as Scott will be able to browse the same
> objects. What the tool is doing for you is shining some light on the
> privileges the Scott account has been granted. I would think that in a
> development setting this would be a good thing as many of the system objects
> should be helpful in the building of your applications. In production the
> privileges should be limited to what is needed.

An old curmudgeon disagrees. My take is that in development privileges granted to the development schemas should only be what is needed as well, and moreover that those privileges should be explicitly granted to the development schema either directly or through a role as appropriate (how I wish PL/SQL understood roles!). If you don't do this the following will happen and be resolved in one of two ways.

The production schema will not be granted sufficient rights.

  1. It will be resolved by granting blanket rights (CONNECT, RESOURCE as per a lot of Oracle Corp code). or
  2. It will be resolved by the dba determining appropriate rights (possibly iteratively) and granting them in production.

Put another way what I am saying is that if it isn't done right in dev then it will either not be done right in production or a different version of the app will be being run in production.

Meanwhile someone originally asked about sqldeveloper! I think it's a great tool but one that badly suffers from being an online development environment and not a file based environment (that is the paradigm is that you edit objects, don't create scripts), I don't mind an online environment so long as it generates a repeatable, bulletproof build process. sqldeveloper doesn't do that yet. (at least not straightforwardly). It is however my third favourite IDE which isn't bad considering how long the others have existed.

Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA

Received on Tue Jun 12 2007 - 13:15:13 CDT

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