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Re: database recovery help

From: Hemant K Chitale <>
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 22:44:39 +0800
Message-Id: <>

If you use the current control file, you are telling Oracle that you want to recover to the current point-in-time. We don't know what "corruption" you had but if it was logical corruption (inconsistent updates), then you would be reintroducing the corruption.
If you know or have an estimate as to when the corruption occurred, you should

   0. Backup the current database "AS IS" -- if you do have enough time to do so

  1. Restore the ControlfileBackup from your 5 day old backup
  2. Use RECOVER DATABASE USING BACKUP CONTROLFILE UNTIL CANCEL and cancel at the point before the corruption was introduced

The RECOVER command will log for ArchiveLogs in the location specified by log_archive_dest.
So if you have restored to a different location, just change your log_archive_dest before the RECOVER command. (The file names are generated based on log_archive_format and using the Log Sequence Numbers, starting
from the highest one in the 5-day old controlfile).

At 01:39 PM Tuesday, you wrote:
>Hi all,
> Something went wrong and now i have corruption in my
> database and it wont start at all. All I have is a backup which is
> 5 days old. As part of the backup, i have a hot backup of all the
> datafiles, control file and archive redo log files, which are all 5
> days old. Now, i want to recover my database using this backup
> (even though i loose a week worth of data). I have never done a
> recovery ( either user-managed or using RMAN) and would like to
> request some help in this regard. The database is able to mount
> but is is not able to open, so im assuming that there is no problem
> with the control file. Im running Oracle 8 on Solaris. So, from my
> understanding, i have to perform a restore and recovery and to do
> that will the following work? and is this the standard way of
> restore and recovery
>1. Restore the datafiles backup.
>2. startup mount
> 3. Recover
>4. open the database
>1.Im still not clear on this control file, In this case, do i have
>to restore the 5 days old control file to recover the database? or
>can i use the current control file ( because there is no problem
>with the current control file as the database is mounting)?
>2. Where does the RECOVER DATABASE UNTIL CANCEL command look for
>archived redo log files by default? can i restore the backup arch
>logs to the archive log destination?

Hemant K Chitale

Received on Tue Mar 06 2007 - 08:44:39 CST

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