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Re: How many of you use S.A.M.E?

From: amonte <>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 00:01:38 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Hi Brandon

Have you used EMC Meta Devices before?

By the way have you tried by chance what Loaiza suggested, putting data in specfic physical sectors of a hard drive? I am really curious how can that be achieved. S.A.M.E is simple but putting data as he says makes life impossible dont you think so?

Regarding query tuning, it is good, perfect. However the real world experience has taught me that, if you have 50 lousy or even experienced old developers and 4 DBAs you can spend 100% of DBA time tuning queries and it will still be endless. My opinion is we have to get some sort of balance, not be too biased to any.

On 2/1/07, Allen, Brandon <> wrote:
> I use S.A.M.E to some extent, but not blindly. It all depends on your
> performance needs, available funds/hardware, OS, etc. If you have the time
> and resources to fine tune for every type of I/O your database performs and
> continually maintain such a configuration in order to get an extra 5-10%
> performance boost, then go for it, but I prefer the simplicity and generally
> very good peformance of of S.A.M.E. All my systems have I/O times under
> 10ms, but that is of course a function of how many spindles you stripe
> across, the amount of cache you have (for the DB, the OS & the SAN), how
> many IOPS, etc. I prefer to spend my time tuning the queries to reduce
> their I/O demands - that is by far where you get the biggest ROI (unless you
> happen to have a very well tuned application, which is quite rare).
> Regards,
> Brandon
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