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Re: load test

From: Arul Ramachandran <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 22:03:48 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Yes, hammerora :-) I played with it for a few days. I think it provides a decent framework to set up a load test.

hammerora reads a level 4 trace file and converts it tcl, allows you to set up virtual users to run the test...however some knowledge of (ora)tcl would be useful and needed...

Did you get a chance to check it out?


On 10/30/06, Henry Poras <> wrote:
> I am running some simple load tests and need to change my scripts a bit.
> My first pass was to take a 10046 trace file and pull out the SQL and
> bind values using a home grown awk script (if anyone is interested I'll
> be happy to post it) and some munging. This gave me an SQL*Plus script
> with the SQL using bind variables. The bind values were applied with
> 'exec :x1:='value' ' interspersed throughout the script. This could then
> be easily looped by calling it from a shell script. Primary Keys (and
> other uniqueness constraints) were dealt with by adding the looping
> value in the shell to the appropriate bind value.
> I started here because it was easy to get the scripts into this form
> (the SQL in the trace file was identical to the SQL in the script). It
> worked, but there was one problem. Most of my time was spent using CPU.
> Looking at some more trace files I found that a sizable percentage of
> this CPU was from my 'exec' statements. (If I only had enqueue
> contention these scripts would have been more useful). So now I need to
> redo the scripts a bit. I see two choices off the top of my head, but
> before putting in the time, I was looking for suggestions as to the best
> bet.
> First is PL/SQL as I can easily do multiple loops from within the same
> session. The problem with PL/SQL is that I need to rewrite the SQL to
> get it to work. INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs need a USING clause to
> apply the bind values. SELECT will need a SELECT ... INTO. Some of the
> selects are single record and some are multiple record. As I will be
> generating other scripts in the future, I want to keep the process as
> automated as possible. (some manual munging will still be necessary).
> The second option is to finally take Perl off of my list of 'things I
> really should learn' and use it. Since I haven't done much with Perl yet
> I am not sure if it is the right tool.
> Which route would you take? Is there another option I am leaving out
> entirely? (yeah, I know, hammerora).
> Thanks.
> Henry
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Received on Tue Oct 31 2006 - 00:03:48 CST

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