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Re: Please How can I verify corruption in an archivelog

From: Daniel W. Fink <>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 14:21:26 -0600
Message-ID: <>

It has been a few releases since I had to use the command...

ALTER SYSTEM DUMP LOGFILE 'filename'; will dump the contents of the named file (it can be an archived log). If I recall correctly, it reads each redo entry using the same code that is used for recovery. I have used it to validate logs and to demonstrate corruption due to a bug.

Dan Fink

Bobak, Mark wrote:
> Not that I'm aware of, no.
> Way back when we were on Sequent Dynix/ptx (don't remember the
> Dynix/ptx version, but it was back in Oracle 8.0.5 days), we actually
> ran into a really bizarre bug that caused archive log corruption. So,
> every archive log generated needed to be validated. Our DBA at the
> time (I was but a lowly developer back then), set up a way to validate
> archive logs by creating a standby database, but with only the basic
> SYSTEM and UNDO tablespaces. You don't need a full copy of your
> source database, if you don't care about keeping instances in sync.
> So, he set up a minimal standby database, and as archive logs came off
> the primary, we applied them to the standby, to validate they were not
> corrupt. If one came up corrupt, we knew we were at risk and had to
> schedule another full backup ASAP. This went on for several weeks,
> until the bug was resolved.
> So, if you have a large or indefinite number of archive logs to
> validate, doing something like the above ought to work.
> If you're just talking about checking a single log, what I describe is
> probably not worth the effort to set up.
> Can you tell us more about your situation?
> -Mark
> PS Remember this fun time in your career, Riyaj?? ;-) And I know
> Kevin remembers this too, as he worked for Sequent at the time!
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> *Subject:* Please How can I verify corruption in an archivelog
> Please, is there a utility to check the corruption in an archivelog
> file, I need to confirm that.
> Thank you.
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