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RE: Heads Up on Grid Control 10.2

From: Reidy, Ron <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 08:37:45 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Not surprising you haven't heard from them. Support on GC is quite bad (and I hope the Oracle employees lurking on this list let their management know about this). I have had an open SR for ~ 2 weeks w/o much communication from them. Hey are going to hear from me at renewal time.  

[] On Behalf Of Mercadante, Thomas F (LABOR)
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 6:09 AM To:; Christian Antognini Cc: oracle-l
Subject: RE: Heads Up on Grid Control 10.2  


Do you have a resolution yet?  

I'm trying to upgrade our grid installation to The install fails because a directory is missing (stage/prereq). It's been two days since I told them that there is no directory and they have not gotten back to me yet.  

I sure am glad we're paying for support. About to go on tilt.  

And yeah, I have one owner holding everything (,,, Agent and Grid). Grid seems to be working fine (well, some things do not work). But it is running.


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[] On Behalf Of Niall Litchfield Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 7:09 AM To: Christian Antognini
Cc: oracle-l
Subject: Re: Heads Up on Grid Control 10.2  


I've tried to install the ebusiness suite extensions and the install fails - to be honest I think its to do with environment and not ownership per-se - but never the less.



On 9/27/06, Christian Antognini <> wrote:


> 2. Although the documentation does not explicitly state this, it is
> necessary to create a new user that owns the $O_H created by the OMS
> install. Please indicate if this is the case in your environment.

Out of curiosity... What kind of problems do you have if it's not the case? I ask because I already did/saw installation without a "dedicated" user....

Thank you,

Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA 


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