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Re: OTish: SQL Server boo recommendation please.

From: Wolfgang Breitling <>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 10:46:32 -0600
Message-Id: <>


As Dennis said, there are several books available for SQL Server. I'd start with the electronic book set that comes with sqlserver - or at least came the last time I installed ii which was SQLServer2000. If you are like me and want to have a book that you can read in places where you may not be able to take a computer ;-) here are a couple of my recommendations:
I have heard good reviews of "Inside SqlServer 2000" by Kalen Delaney. Perhaps more on the practical side could be "Real World SQL Server Administration with Perl" by Linchi Shea from Apress.

At 05:09 PM 5/12/2006, stephen booth wrote:

>I was hoping that someone could recommend a book (or maybe a few) that
>are aimed at letting administrators who have experience of another
>RDBMS learn SQLServer. I've asked around a number of the SQLServer
>people at work and the only book any of them really know about is the
>MCSE study guide but they say it's very dry, dense and oriented
>towards passing the exam. They indicated that it's purely aimed at
>people learning SQLServer from scratch, it's in no way aimed at people
>converting from another RDBMS..
>I've Googled but the only book I can find a reference to is "Microsoft
>Sql Server 2000 Database Administrator's Guidebook". I can, however,
>only find it listed for sale second hand and the review (there's only
>one) for it on is less than glowing, it pans the book and
>the reviewer states that he is an Oracle DBA. Anyone got experience
>of that book? Is it any good?
>I'm funding this myself and Oracle if definately my RDBMS of choice
>so, whilst I'm OK with buying 2 or more books, I wouldn't be happy
>spending much more than 100ukp total (including shipping).
>It's better to ask a silly question than to make a silly assumption.
>'nohup cd /; rm -rf * > /dev/null 2>&1 &'


Wolfgang Breitling
Centrex Consulting Corporation

Received on Sun May 14 2006 - 11:46:32 CDT

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