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RE: OTish: SQL Server boo recommendation please.

From: John Kanagaraj <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 11:58:59 -0700
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You might find my short comparison of SS2K and Oracle useful as you already know Oracle - it is at There is also an e-book for Oracle DBAs who want to learn SQL Server. It was written by an old timer from Oracle-l (now gone over to the dark side?) named Chris Kempster. The book is named "SQLServer 2000 for the Oracle DBA". Regards,
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On 14/05/06, Bob <> wrote:
> In my digging around I came across an interesting link; Search the
> page for sql server hth Bob

Thanks for the URL, I found a link to the UK Independant SQLServer Users Group, who I signed up with. When I'm next in the office (Tuesday) I'll get onto my line manager (he knows some people in Micro$oft) to see if there is an official one.

The immediate task I have is to do an audit of what we have, who owns it and details (SGA size, how much data, what it's on, how many users &c) for both Oracle and SQLServer. I've managed to dig up some information myself and a kind soul put me onto the trail of an eBook aimed at Oracle DBAs who needed to quickly pick up the bsics of how to do what they do in Oracle but in SQLServer.

At the moment the people who look after SQL server in the corporation are primarily Windows admins who do a bit of SQLServer on the side. So far as I can tell they're mostly just following instructions written for them by the consultants that implementated the applications, maybe backed up by books and Google, anything that doesn't have an immediate and obvious answer means a call to a consultant to come in and fix it. As I said, the DBA team is currently just me (I'm also half of the UNIX support team, the technical librarian, union shop steward and I've been known to do some project management when the need arises, needless to say I tend to be quite busy), whether there's a plan to bring in more people is something that has not yet been revealed to me.


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