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RE: 10gR2 RAC on single SLES9 node

From: <>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 16:28:38 -0400
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In the interest of fairness, however, we once tried to deploy our reasonably large Oracle RAC development environment on Linux NFS servers as a cost-saving measure when we were a Wee Company (tm). We discovered some wonkiness in the Linux NFS server code would cause interesting bugs in stability and functionality. Migrating to FreeBSD NFS fixed that nicely (we even once did a PoC of our software on a bunch of Linux boxes off of an Apple Xserve box running OS X).

These days, we use Netapp, though.


Matthew Zito
Chief Scientist
GridApp Systems
P: 646-452-4090

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Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 12:43 PM
Subject: RE: 10gR2 RAC on single SLES9 node

Too many people are making this too difficult with musing of firewire,
ocfs, losetup(8), who-knows-what-else. To set up single-system
multiple-instance with any Linux distro is as simple as settng up one
filesystem as an NFS mount (loopback). Use this NFS mount for 100% of
anything that needs to be shared (CRS,database, shared Oracle Home if
you wish).  Too many people seem to think that Oracle software will only
treat NetApp exports as if somehow there is a little ghost
inside the server or CRS that can detect that there is a NetApp filer
downwind of an NFS mount.

Oracle tools do a stat call on the mount. If it is NFS and has the right
mount options, you are on your way.
Make sure to set filesystemio_option=directIO to get the full experience
although with the loopback NFS model direct IO is not really required.

To help dispell the rumor that there is no Oracle on NAS other than
NetApp, I offer this URL:

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>>>[] On Behalf Of Mladen Gogala
>>>Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 7:20 AM
>>>Subject: Re: 10gR2 RAC on single SLES9 node
>>>On 04/05/2006 08:54:19 AM, Bryan Thomas wrote:
>>>> Markus,
>>>> I've installed 10gR2 on SLES 9.
>>>> Here is a link to some guides I used.
>>>> Bryan
>>>He was asking about RAC, not a trivial single node installation.
>>>Instructions how to create a split personality disorder on a single
>>>PC are on Dizwell site, writen by Amit Poddar:
>>>The article itself is rather old, as it refers to 2.4 linux kernels
>>>but can still be used.
>>>Of course, having PC large enough for ASM and 2 instances is more
>>>expensive then having 2 normal machines and a shared storage (not
>>>AmberWire, it's soooo sloooow).
>>>Mladen Gogala
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