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Re: Simulate AWR like repository in 9i

From: rjamya <>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 17:19:59 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Yup, considered that, actually played with it for a while, but couldn't make it work on 64 bit platform. Now, only if my C was as good as my pl/sql and sql ... sigh ...


On 12/13/05, John Kanagaraj <> wrote:
> Raj,
> This isn't a bad idea at all. AWR (among other things) actually collects
> both System level information (sorta like STATSPACK) for AWR/ADDM reporting
> and Session level information by persisting the much more granular ASH data.
> The MMON and MMNL processes (again among other things) perform the 'light'
> part of the collection for both ASH and AWR and (I believe) sample SGA
> directly for ASH information. There was an article on IOUG's SELECT mag on
> performing direct SGA access and I think there is something out at Kyle 'X$'
> Hailey's website (not sure if this is still around). You should be able to
> adapt from there (let me know if you can't get the code and I will dig
> around for it).
> I am actually working on developing this idea of 'backporting' as part of
> a paper for the upcoming Collaborate '06 conference, so you are not alone in
> having this 'bad idea' ;-) (Has anyone heard back about paper selections for
> '06?)
> Hth,
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> *Subject:* Simulate AWR like repository in 9i
> I may have this requirement to implement something that captures session
> details and sessions waits at very short intervals in a 9204 database. AWR
> kinda does that in 10g, but this is no 10g.
> I am wondering what might be the lightest process that I can run maybe at
> a minute interval? Too many and too frequent selects against gv$ are not
> good, and I understand that. But I have a feeling that this requirement is
> coming down the line.
> Question for experts ... if write a really (well as light as I can)
> process to get info from x$ksusecst (for waits) and x$ksuse (for session),
> what should I look for as potential problems (any specific latches?). Oh
> yeah and this will be running on a RAC system.
> Feel free to tell me that this is a bad idea, but if the request comes
> down I will then use those arguments to say why we shouldn't do it.
> Raj
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