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RE: So what seminar do you go to??

From: kathy duret <>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 09:21:50 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

I can't speak for HOTSOS or the others....

Outside of the crush of people at Oracle Open World this year... I really got ALOT out of it.

I went to the Xtreme GRID seminar over the weekend which was invaluable. I then started to go to some of the seminars but realized that the powerpoints I purchased of the seminars got me the same information.  So I went down to the hands on labs.... they were great. I did not get a chance to go to the demo grounds and did NOT get to many vendors.

I did book an appontment with the one on one consulting which again was invaluable and addressed our needs. We booked this ahead and set them what we wanted ahead of time.

The people I met contacts that are invaluable to me. I also went back to the labs at the end of OOW and asked them for their books and they gladly parted with them.

I just wish the vendors would stop giving out the toys. If you needed to see them, you had to wade through all those standing in line for a .50 cent pos.  

Some of the evenings had demos... one on HTML, another on rac clustering, Intel ...

I really did not go to any sessions that were sales pitches.... All of the sessions I attended had really good content. I only elected not to go since most of the information during the sessions you could get off the power points, etc which I bought.

Keynotes was another issue.. I did not attend them...there was so much to do... I just skipped this.

So, I thought OOW was well worth the money. I do wish they would split up the apps from the rest as there were too many people.... and that was my only complaint.

I don't how they are going to manage 50,000 next year.

I understand they thinking about having it in Las Vegas the following year.

My 2.5 cents worth

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> Hi,
> There are a handfull of Oracle seminars that are
> offered and as I can
> only go to one of them I thoulght I'd pause the
> question to you guys??
> (By you I refer to DBA's)
> If you could only attend one seminar, which will it
> be. Hotsos, OOW,
> IOUG or other??
> Yuval.
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